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Wayfinder Access is and will remain switched on. Just future development has stopped. Why is this a problem?[]

  • Wayfinder respectively Vodafone hasn't explicitly confirmed that the servers can be really accessed in the future. (long term)
  • Many blind users have choosen the Symbian platform because of two existing screen readers and the affordable nav solution WFA. Platform switching is mostly very complicated and expensive for them. there is also no more possibility to buy WFA for those who don't already have the software. Btw, "affordable" still means 300 - 400 Euro.
  • Blind users need very accurate geo data for navigation and the servers perhaps will no longer provide the newest data.
  • The current version of WFA contains many bugs and improvements are necessary to offer blind users a satisfying solution. Blind mobility is already hard enoug and bugs while using WFA on the go increase the problem for blind pedestrians.
  • For more arguments please see the petition and comments on the signatures page. Btw, at the bottom of the signatures list you can find stats by country. You will see, the problem is global.