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Creating an account

If you want to create an account but are unable to solve the visual CAPTCHA problem you have two options:

  • You can create an account on Blind Wikia. With this account you can login to any other Wiki as well. Please visit this registration page and use the audio alternative for verification. Perhaps you have to refresh your screen reader buffer before you can see the form at the top of the page. (Refresh with Jaws is Jaws key together with Escape key)
  • You can contact the Wikia staff for help. Write to them that you can't read the visual CAPTCHA and submit your desired user name. To find out if your desired user name is available, try to log in with this name but don't enter a password. After that you will get a message which will show you wether this user name already exists.
  • If you use Firefox3, you can easily solve the visual CAPTCHA problem with the free Firefox extension from WebVisum. They have a Mediawiki Wiki as well. Read also Mozilla's Firefox screen reader FAQ.

Creating an account is easy but if you just want to edit a page without adding a new external link, you don't need an account. On the other hand, an account on Wikia allows you to use features such as a personal watch list or e-mail alerts if a page you are watching has been changed.

Existing pages

  • An open letter informs about the importance of accessible and affordable mobile technology.
  • iPhone and VoiceOver (link list)
  • Mediawiki and Accessibility is a collection of thoughts about using Mediawiki based Wikis such as Wikipedia with a screen reader software.
  • Blind links is a collection of blindness related blogs, sites, projects, organisations and interesting Wikipedia articles.
  • Accessibility links is a collection of organisations, initiatives, blogs, platforms and research.
  • OLPC, about the global learning project "one laptop per child" and how to make the XO-1 laptop accessible.
  • Loadstone-GPS is an open source project for satellite navigation with Nokia cell phones.
  • How to edit this Wiki is a help page for absolute Wiki beginners. More help pages for screen reader users should follow.

Wanted contributions

  • Visual CAPTCHA and alternatives
  • Blindness in developing countries
  • IISE, International Institute for Social Entrepreneurs, initiated by
  • Braille without Borders
  • Orientation and Mobility Training (O&M)
  • location based services (collection of first ideas for using this services in real life)
  • Geocaching in teams
  • Virtual Worlds and screen reader (MUD's, Second Life and more)
  • Blind Gaming

What's new on this Wiki

August, 19, 2008
Now blind users can use a CAPTCHA audio alternative while creating an account. Thanks to Wikia Search.
April, 16, 2008
JS modification for exchange of section title heading and edit link, important improvement for blind users, Thanks to Avatar
April, 14, 2008
Switch to Monobook as default skin, known from Wikipedia, offers best UI for screen reader navigation
March, 11, 2008
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